Assisting practice

Last Wednesday I went to the uni studio to assist a third year photography student Jenni Hearn (check out her blog here). I helped her out with setting up the studio and moving the lights. She is doing her final degree project on fashion illustration. We worked with     the model Lana Taylor and the MUA Gemma Clarke.

The feeling of working with such team was amazing! I gained some valuable experience – Jenni introduced me briefly to the lights and I learned a lighting set-up. I also learned how to turn lights on and off and how to regulate them. She saw so kind and helpful! She showed me how to do the lightmeter reading and how to connect camera to lights.

Gemma created several different looks for the shoot changing the make-up so professionally and quickly! It was like a complete make-over.

Here are some backstage photos I took while helping Jenni:


Gemma putting make-up on Lana’s face

_MG_3935-web _MG_3938-web _MG_3941-web _MG_3952-web_MG_3948-web

_MG_3956-web _MG_3962-web _MG_3965-web _MG_3971-web _MG_3976-web _MG_3977-web

It was great experience to work with a team. And it was also great fun! This is what I strive for – to become a fashion photographer and work with people, to make friends and to have fun while working! <3